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Each country or region has different requirements for the financial control of local enterprises. With sufficient comprehension of legal systems within each country, Conpak provides customized audit service for enterprises. Our audit reports not only evaluate the financial information, but also consider potential risks of the enterprise in operation.

Our Services Include

Statutory Audit

A statutory audit is operated in accordance with auditing standards issued by the laws of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants. During the process of auditing,experienced accountants can acquire the characteristics of the client's industry, the mode of operation, management structure, potential problems and risk management. We then will identify potential management and operational issues in order to provide professional solutions for our clients.

Our accountants will provide professional audit opinions on the authenticity and equity of financial statements and accounting records. They can guide the directors of enterprises to follow relevant ordinance and fulfill their responsibilities.

Internal Audit

An Internal audit includes building up the internal review system to ensure a smooth company operation and improve work efficiency.

Special Purpose Audit

  • In addition to statutory audit, we also provide special audit service according to our client’s demand, such as:
  • Provide audit for proprietorships and partnerships businesses to enhance the account reliability
  • Evaluate internal operation, monitoring system, stock inventory system, etc
  • Perform review service upon merging, acquisition or listing
  • Prepare targeted reports, such as valuation of the company and assessment of operation
  • Survey the fraud problems of the company

Audit for Australia Migration Purpose

Different Australian business immigration programs require different information, which must be audited by accountants from Australia or Hong Kong. Conpak has experienced accountants from Australia and Hong Kong, with extensive experience in providing audit reports for the review according to international auditing standards. Substantial experience in auditing services related to immigration to Australia provide us deep understanding of the requirements from Australia Immigration Bureau. As to different cases, we can also provide professional suggestions to enhance the success ful rate of your immigration application process.