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As an international financial center, Hong Kong is an excellent platform for enterprises to seek opportunities in capital market. Enterprises of all scales can be financed through listing in Hong Kong.However, as the procedures to apply for becomeing a listed company in Hong Kong is complicated,the slightest mistake may cause failure,in which lots of expertise must be involved.

Conpak has abundant experience in Hong Kong IPO set-ups and has many successful cases in hand, so we are capable to provide professional guidance and assistance for enterprises seeking list their companies.

Capital Market Environment of Hong Kong

  • A sound legal system, adapting to international accounting standards and providing a secure and attractive base for enterprises to raise funds
  • No restriction of capital and information flow, freely convertible currency,simple tax system
  • Advanced and perfect facilities of trading, clearing and settlement, to promote the circulation of the stock market
  • No tax on profits from dividends nor shares, so as to create a highly positive participation of institutional investors with the public and active trading

Corporate Image after IPO

  • A company will gain the attention from commercial and financial communities after its IPO is in place.enhancing the company international image and procuring confidence from suppliers, distributors and other cooperators more easily.
  • IPO will enhance the popularity of the product brand and reputation of the company.
  • Company will build up global sense and international prospect, and attract first-class talents through international commercial platform.
  • Regulators, investors, media and public have higher expectations on corporate governance and internal control of listed companies, which will urge listed companies to improve standards of management benefiting shareholders and management of the company in the long run.

The Forms of Hong Kong Listed

Nowadays, there are two forms for mainland companies to list in Hong Kong:

  • H-share listed
  • Red chip listed


Preparation Period

  • Deciding on IPO selecting and engaging major intermediaries
  • intermediary coordination meeting
  • Due diligence
  • Reorganization
  • File marking
  • Submitting preliminary application

Approval Period

  • Answering questions and submitting other IPO documents
  • Hearing

Propaganda Period

  • Analyst’s study report
  • Road show

Issue Period

  • Accumulative tendering
  • Placing and public offering
  • Pricing and IPO