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Offshore Company Formation

Company laws and tax systems may vary from country to country, from region to region. Some have formulated loose tax systems to attract worldwide investors to set up offshore companies within their territory. for example tax exempt of all profits made overseas. Among them, British Virgin Islands, Samoa and the Bahamas are some of the well-known regions.

Conpak has been already assisting many investors setting-up offshore companies. Meanwhile, our professional advisors can provide specific advice to investors on distribution of-profits in different regions, thus help them reduce the cost of corporate tax expenditures and increase corporate profit.


  • Low cost of formation and simple registration procedure.
  • No restriction on nationality, age and asset of shareholders and directors
  • Law prohibits a trust management company to disclose any relevant materials, registration information and highly confidential files
  • Non-tax business environment reducing difficulty on corporate finance and tax burden
  • Simple maintenance as only annual audit or renewal required, without accounting or tax returns
  • Flexible on business scope with the exception of banking, insurance, and military transactions
  • Enhancing international image and expanding cross-border businesses
  • Favor tax planning

To meet different demands of customers, Conpak provides the following offshore company formation services:

  • BVI Company
  • Anguilla Company
  • Bahamas Company
  • Bermuda Company
  • Brunei Company
  • Cayman Islands Company
  • Mauritius Company
  • Nevada company
  • Nevis Company
  • Samoa Company
  • Seychelles Company
  • Singapore Company
  • United Kingdom Company
  • United States Company

Company Name

Generally, the name of offshore company should include words  "Limited",  "Corporation"  or "Ltd.", "Corp." , "Inc.".

Opening Bank Account

An offshore company, after its formation, can open bank accounts worldwide instead of only where the company is located. It generally requires the directors and shareholders to open a bank account in person.

Annual Audit

An offshore company, after its formation, is required to conduct an Annual Audit in accordance with the laws and regulations of the place of formation, in order to be qualified for business operation on on-going basis.