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Trademark Registration

As a competitive tool for enterprises, the value of trademark has attached more and more attention. Trademark registration is one of the effective ways to realize brand protection. Meanwhile, trademark registration is also beneficial for enterprises avoiding price battle, increasing brand image and enhancing customers’ confidence in the products and services of an enterprise.

In most regions, trademark registration adapts the principle of registration priority. Once a trademark registration is approved, the applicant will have exclusive right to use it. Anyone else who intends to use that registered trademark is incurring into trademark infringement. Therefore, a timely trademark registration is significant for brand protection for enterprises as well as individuals.


  • Distinguish the source of products or services
  • Powerful tool for market competition
  • Intangible asset of the enterprise
  • May add "Zhu" or registration mark "®" next to the trademark
  • No worry about infringement of the trademark involuntarily
  • Avoid huge amount of compensation for involuntary infringement
  • Avoid trademark get registered by other companies and may propose an objection to similar trademark application

Our Services Include

  • Hong Kong trademark registration
  • China trademark registration
  • International trademark registration

Required Documents

  • Black & white trademark in JPG format
  • Designated category of products or services
  • Name of applicant or information of company
  • Address of applicant and passport copy
  • Copies of the business license and business chop


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